Monday, August 20, 2012

Walleye Limits and a lil Press

This last week we had limits daily, some coming in the first pass.  That's not to say that we didn't have to work for them. The long runs and rough water took a few days off my life expectancy.  The programs have varied from divers, to down rods, to heavy in-lines on boards.  Seems like these walleyes make up their minds like you know who guys...smirk! When you're over fish make sure to switch it up a lot. Speed changes, varying the presentations as previously mentioned, and of course the colors has all been necessary to keep the lines tight.

Here is a pic of an article that Matt Markey did on some big ones we caught fishing the Eastern Basin of Erie near the town of Erie, PA.

It won't be long before the fall bite is upon us...just saying

Ross Robertson

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Canadian Panty Raid

That was the proposed title of the article Steve Pollick wrote for Outdoor News after spending a day on the lake with me. Instead, it ended up as a line in the intro, still makes me smirk.  "Panty Raid" because we caught almost everyone of our fish on Silver Streak Pink Panties, Anti-freeze panties, and pretty lie. It's on the shelves now...good read. The action was as fast as we could move lines, had about 13 in the first 45 minutes.  Funny thing was that we slide off the contour breaklines and literally caught nothing.  If we would have stayed on the contours the whole time it could have gotten really ugly. It is truly amazing how many different species of fish relate to them in a wide variety of lakes and rivers.

With the recent cool own in most of the Midwest, look for fall patterns to start sooner than you think

Capt. Ross Robertson

Monday, August 6, 2012

Road Trip Continues

Loaded up the rig and headed over to Lake Michigan to chase some King Salmon.  The heat and "slower" walleye action of late summer typically means big kings relatively close to shore and cooler temps up north. While the action wasn't as fast as it had been the previous couple of weeks, we did manage to fill some coolers with salmon that averaged 16-20lbs, with a couple dinks removed.  No real hot ticket, as fish were caught on riggers, boards and copper, and both braid and wire divers. Caught a few on plugs and one or two on flys, but they primarily wanted big spoons.  Testing out some new and newer patterns of Silver Streak magnums seemed to be the ticket. Anyone that hasn't used Silver Streak's UV spoons are really missing out, amazing to see how many times they actually outperform glow lures in low light conditions.

The water was so warm that using a Fish Hawk temperature and speed probe really made a huge difference.  It was amazing to see how warm the water was for lake Michigan.  At one point we had nearly a twenty degree temp change at the same depth, instead of the typical horizontal thermocline.  Shocker, the kings were sitting in the cooler water pockets gorging on smelt.

Capt. Ross Robertson