Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Long time no talk

Just trying to catch up. This fall has some very up and some very down periods. basically, when the weather sucked really bad it was down and when we could actually get our butts on the lake it was good. With that said the fall to this point has required me to be on my A game more than ever. Very slight differences in the program made a ton of difference...some days they would only hit a few colors of Reef Runners...kinda weird.

Trying to get all of the ice gear in tip top shape...Clam and Ice Armor really raised the bar this year with some incredible new gear. Make sure to check it out and look at all of the updates myself and the rest of the Ice Team pro's post at will have audio reports form all over the country starting this week.

My nearly mint condition 2013 Ranger 621 is still for sale. it has approximately 125hrs on it and loaded with top notch equipment and lots of custom gear. Emial or call me with questions or for more pics. or 419-283-7069

Ross Robertson