Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bitter Sweet

More than a little tired having fished literally everyday for the last month. Lots of big fish came to the boat and got a bunch of Jr. anglers some giant walleyes.
The end of the trip was bittersweet. I made a big big gamble and lost big time in the NWT tournament. With the caliber of fisherman in these events you can't stumble and if you want to win you usually have to take a risk. This is especially the case at a Erie event when it's almost always a slugfest. I was fishing a couple small rock piles that had been holding lots of big fish for more than a week and felt if I had them to myself I could win. These type spots are usually more consistent than those open water roamers, but after the cancellation and subsequent two days of a big blow they just flat out moved out of dodge.

 We were catching lots of big walleyes slow trolling a new prototype Silver Streak lure and speed trolling Reef Runners all week.

The obvious bug across the internet is that their was a few snags with the tournament aside from the weather forcing the director two cancel two days of the event in the name of safety.  When lake Erie roars you don't mess with it. They had some serious issues with the cost me 4lbs and what should have been a 35.5lb bag, but it didn't end up really mattering.

The good part of it is that my close friend and Bigwater Pro team remember John Gillman won the event trolling Reef Runners on one of these same types of rock piles...just about 60 miles away from where I was. When I showed up and the fish had moved it was too far to go and the chance of running out of both time and gas were more of a reality. Bigwater Teammate Bob Henton had yet another 10 ten finish as well.

Ross Robertson