Friday, September 14, 2012

Time flies...but big fish don't

A couple months ago I was writing a few magazine pieces about ice fishing in order to hit the July deadline, all while starring at a thermometer that read nearly 100 degrees! I must be getting old, because time seems to be flying.  In a few weeks I'm getting ready to leave the house for my fall trips on Erie.  Literally one of the best times to fish out here, very few people and a bunch of really big fish. 

After checking the mail a few hours ago I was shocked to already see the Oct issue of FLW's Walleye magazine.  It has a article I did on fall night fishing for walleyes.  It must be time! Seriously...Am I the only one that struggles with getting ice fishing equipment prepped in 100 degree heat and Spinner rigs tied when there is ice hanging from the gutters.

A few other really big projects have consumed a bunch of my time (you'll hear shortly), but I'm ready to ditch the computer and paperwork for a couple month bender of crankbaits and slob walleyes.  Got a handful of dates open if you'd like to partake.

Ross Robertson