Monday, July 29, 2013

Icast Recap and BIG walleyes

Sorry for the long delay.  This has been a crazy a good way. Heck, the weather goes from 100+ degrees to needing a jacket in July...crazy!

Icast a few weeks ago in Vegas had some crazy new goodies for those tackle junkies.  Perhaps the biggest came from Humminbird and Minn-Kota. Humminbird has a new product out that is similar to Dr. Depth, but without all of the complicated procedures, expense, and uploading your waypoints to a "public" server. You literally can make a lake map of a small private lake or get a super defined map of a special area you have fished for years.  This is a game changer!

Minn-Kota wasn't to be outdone as they introduced a 12' talon that acts as a quick way of anchoring.  Tough to say shallow water anchor anymore when you can hit 12' with these bad boys.

Arguably the biggest thing for me was to see the newly designed 36volt trolling motors by Minn-Kota.  I've made it no secret that for years my go to piece of equipment that I literally can't be without is my Terrova auto pilot.  Now you have even more power and more efficient use of it. The newly designed head is shorter and slightly wider, which also causes you to experience less steering torque.

As far as fishing the bigger than normal winds we have been experiencing have kept me on my toes. Pair this with the warm lake temps and we have had to fish deeper than normal with both Silver Streak UV and non UV models as well as speed troll Reef Runners when the junk gets so bad we can't keep the spinners down.  Pink, Pink and Pink has been a good color to have on both the spinners and cranks.

Capt. Ross Robertson