Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sand and Ice

I think this is the most interesting blog in a while. I write this as my mail is piled up as high as the please excuse any typos and more fragments than normal. Yes this is sand and not snow.

After a very successful season I took the opportunity to head to the Florida Keys for a little R&R. After the 2013 season I was in desperate need of a battery recharge. A lot of people still think that professional fisherman just fish all day...I can assure you that's not the case. The amount of paperwork and sponsor relations, magazine work, show organizing, and site selection and prep for TV work, etc can keep a guy a long way from the water if he lets it. No, I;m not asking you to shed a tear. Much like the rest of life I try to get as much balance as possible.

Feeding some tarpon by hand just confirms that salt water fish are just about 4 million times more aggressive than ole marble eyes. No matter how long you have a "pet" walleye in a tank they will never eat out of your hand.

Even though I spend my time as a fresh water guy it is funny how small the fishing world is. I saw a Ranger Boats sign near the road and stopped in to get a pic by it to harass my buddies about being in the nice weather. A nice lady came out to ask if we needed help...45 minutes later I was still talking to Jenn and Nate, the owners of Islamorada Boats.

It never ceases to amaze me the bond fisherman have, regardless of where you live or what you fish for. If you are a Ranger guy in Florida or just need a boat or some service in that area make sure to look them up.

I am going from 80 to -10 up.... Ice Fishing episode of the "Local Catch"

See ya on the ice

PS--I hear they are biting!!!


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