Monday, February 17, 2014

Ice Time

I just read that the Great Lakes have more ice coverage than they have had in more than 100 years. I guess Al Gore didn't get the global warming thing right??? This has allowed me to spend a whole lot more time on Lake Erie chasing my eyes. After fishing as many days as I ever have I think they thought they were going to get a little so much!

It's good to just get out and have some fun ice fishing, but also try all the great new gear that Clam has come out with. While the new jigs, shacks and augers are great I really like all of the new safety gear. We can be quick to forget how nasty big lakes and even small lakes can become extremely dangerous.

I'm not sure if you can blog a blog...but I will be doing a weekly blog for North American Fisherman. They have giving me a long rope and it should be a fun read. Make sure to check it out.

While we are suppose to get another 5'' of snow tonight... I'm not going to complain. Remember most years its too cold to fish and not cold enough to safely ice fish that much.

Ross Robertson

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